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Welcome to JReming.com

One Stop Shop for all your IT Support, Repair & Service Solutions!

I provide fast & reliable computer and network solutions to meet your every need, be it on-site, off-site, or remote repair, I do it all.

Always on-call, you can either schedule a service call for for quick on-site repairs or if it is not a
immediate emergency or if you are to busy to wait around for me to do the repairs you have the
option of scheduling a pickup of your machine for me to work on while you are free to go about
your day.

I offer same day expedited service for on-site repairs, or if I have to take it back for me to work
on in most cases I offer a 24 hour or less turn around time, so you will have it back and be up and
running in no time.

I am A+ certified, and have been working in the IT field providing computer and network solutions
and repairs since 2003, and I do stand by my work as a IT professional.

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